NSO Day #2 – Proxe Stations at Webster

IV Staff, Domenic (second from right), leads students through the Story Proxe.

IV Staff, Domenic (second from right), leads students through the Story Proxe.

In InterVarsity lingo, NSO stands for “New Student Outreach,” the first few weeks of the school year in which InterVarsity staff and student leaders meet incoming freshmen and other new friends and invite them to become part of our communities on campuses all over the country. These posts are a few snapshots of the beginning of the school year on a few of the campuses where I either staff or oversee other IV staff. This story happened on Tuesday.

Today, I had planned to do some scouting and prayer-walking at Flo Valley but, last night, I received a text from one of my staff needing help running a large-scale outreach event on campus today.  I shifted my schedule around and made my way to Webster this morning to lend a hand with a proxe station.

Proxe Stations are one of my favorite things we do in InterVarsity. They are interactive and eye-catching displays that we set up on campus and use to engage students in spiritual conversations. There’s normally some sort of prompt or survey that has a way of leading into a deeper conversation where, even if for just a few minutes, we get the chance to share stories and really connect with students as they make their way to class or lunch.

Our chapter at Webster was adopted by InterVarsity a year ago but began as a ministry planted by our IV Staff, Domenic, when he was a freshman on campus there. He came to campus as a brand new Christian with a powerful vision out of Jeremiah 3 that God would “bring his wandering children home” at Webster and began a new ministry that eventually had 25-30 people showing up every week. I met him his senior year when a former boss of mine who had taken a job at Webster emailed me to tell me that she had met a student who wanted to do college ministry but had no idea how to do it as a career. She thought I might be able to help out with that. I was more than happy to oblige.

Flash forward 18 months later and Domenic is a chapter planter with InterVarsity, leading a core of mission-minded students to take innovative risks, like running this Proxe Station, to reach their campus with the Gospel. Pray for our chapter at Webster – that Jesus would draw wayward children to himself this year and that many leaders would be developed to take that message to every corner of campus.


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